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        Product name: 2-Aminophenol
        Other Name:  
        CAS No.: 95-55-6
        UN No.: 2512
        Molecular Formula: C6H7NO
        Molecular Weight: 109.12
        Appearance: white needle-like crystal
        Melting point: 172~177°C
        Boiling point: 164°C (11 mmHg)
        Flash point: 168°C
        Relative Density: 1.328
        Refractive Index:  
        Assay: 98%
        PH value:  
        Non-volatile matter:  
        Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol and ethyl ether, insoluble in benzene.
        Uses: organic synthesis. and dye intermediate. Used in the production of acidic mordant blue R, sulfur yellow brown, fluorescent whitening agent EBF etc. Is the identification reagent of gold, and silver.

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